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Arabic Links

Internet Service Providers


Sahara Net
Sahara Online


Data Express

Specialized Computer Magazines

Internet Arabic World
PC Magazine - Arabic Edition
Internet World Magazine - Arabic
Byte Middle East magazine
Business & Technology magazine
Afaq internet magazine

Arabic magazine

Al-Nafitha magazine (Canada)
Libanorama magazine (Canada)
Al-Miraat magazine (Canada)
Al Itidal magazine (America)
Assabeel magazine (Jordan)
Al Hadath magazine (Jordan)
Jordan Made Magazine

Arabic newspaper

Al Ahram newspaper (Egypt)
Al Hayat newspaper (England)
Asharqal-Awsat newspaper
Annahar newspaper (Lebanon)
Al-Anwar newspaper (Lebanon)
Al-Ayyam newspaper (Palestine)
Addustour newspaper (Jordan)
Al-Watan newspaper (Qatar)
Al-Ra'i newspaper (Jordan)
Al-Moharer Al-Australi magazine
Al-Ayam newspaper (Bahrain)
Al-Raya newspaper (Qatar)
Al-Ittihad newspaper (UAE)
Albayan newspaper (UAE)

Arabic countries and organizations

Information and Decision Support Center
Egypt Web Services
Qatar Charitable Society
Palestinian Chambers of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture
Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics
Lebanese Zakat Fund
Palestinian Ministry of Information
Municipal Authority of Abou Dhabi
Ministry of Municipal and Agriculture
Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Qatar)
Kuwait University
Ministry of Endowments (Awqaf) & Islamic affairs - Qatar
Biet Al Zakah (Kuwait)
Qatar On-Line

Arabic Commercial Sites

Netscape plugins
Arabic Naseej
1001 sites
Fares Net
Internet Horizons
Electronic Web Sook
Arab Radio and Television (ART)

Publishing Houses

Children Books
Cultural Orgnization in UAE
Arab Scientific Publishers
Dar El Fikr (America)



Middle East European Bank
United Labanese Saudi Bank
Fransa Bank
Beyriut Commercial Bank
Lebanon and El_Mahgar Bank
ALmawarid Bank
Beyriut and Reyada
Jammal Bank
Universal Bank
Saradar Bank
United Business Bank
Auda Bank
Byblos Bank
French Lebanese Bank


National Bank of Egypt
Misr Exterior Bank
Banque Misr
Arab Investment Bank
Egyptian American Bank
Commercial International Bank


Middle East Investment Bank
Jordan Kuwait Bank
Ahli Bank of Jordan
Bank of Jordan
Cairo Oman Bank
Arab Organization Bank
Arab Bank


Gulf Bank
Trade and Investment Bank
National Bank of Bahrain
Bahrain and Kuwait Bank
Al-Ahli Bank
Gulf International Bank

U. A. E.

Fujairah Bank
Emirates International bank
Bank Saderat Iran
United National Bank
Mashreq Bank
Middle East Bank
Emirates Bank


Oman International Bank
National Bank of Oman
Muscat Bank


National Bank of Kuwait
Bank Tijari

Saudi Arabia

Baraka Islamic Investment Bank
Arab National Bank
Saudi French Bank

Free Courses on the Web

Arabic Computer Sciences
Windows NT
Interent Sciences and Programming Languages
Novell Programming
Networks Courses

Islamic Links


The Noble Quran
Al-Eijaz Magazine
The QIBLA Server at Penn
About The Quran

Islamic Mosque

Islamic Society of Wichita (Kansas)
The Muslim Community of Quibec
TARIC Islamic Center, Toronto, Ontario
Islamic Center of Southern California
Muslim Community Association of San Francisco Bay Area
Scarborough Muslim Association
Islamic Center of Sacramento
Islamic Center of Minnesota
Islamic Center of Greater Cincinnati
Central Illinois Mosque and Islamic Center Home Page
Islamic Center of Blacksburg Home Page
Islamic Center of Austin (Austin, TX)
Belfast Islamic Centre, Northern Ireland
Islamic Centre of England-Londo
The Noble Sanctuary
Al-Azhar Al-Sharif

Islamic Library

The Online Islamic Bookstore
Islamic books for Children
About The Quran
Muslim Scientists and Islamic Civilization
Audio Tapes on Islam
Radio El_Islam

Islamic Believes

About Islamic societies
The Effect of Tawheed on People's Life
Human Relation in Islam

Woman in Islam

The status of Woman in Islam
Woman in Islam
Gender Equity in Islam
Muslim Sisters Page

Islamic Concepts

About ICRM
Abusing the word "Islam"
About Islam
Discover Islam
Islam-Faq Directory
The Islamic Gateway
Concept of Worship in Islam
A View of Islam

Universal Islamic Links

The Arab Network in Britain
Islamic Dawa Network
World Assembly of Muslim Youth
Muslim Arab Youth Association
MSA National

Islamic Arabic Site

Islamic Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Bosnia Home Page
American Muslim Council
Muslim Parliament Home Page
Islamic Association of Palestine


Islamic Horizons
The Islamic City
The Wisdom Fund


Sakhr software A division of Al_alamia group
The Global Islamic Software Company (GISCO)
Arabic Dictionary
Mohit El_Mohit
Arabic Cinema