Eric Skantze's Bookmark Pages

My Bookmark Pages are a powerful search tool for Netscape users.
Don't miss the opportunity to try them out. When you use them you
can open up a few Netscape Windows and do searches in these extra
Windows. Don't underestimate the use of the link pages I have as
bookmarks. You'll find a wealth of information there.

Please register in as many Email Catalogs as possibly,
otherwise your friends cannot find you! They neither have the
patience nor the time to waste going through all kinds of catalogs.
Use phone directories to find your friends. Many haven't submitted
their email address to email catalogs for fear of spamming.
Use your friends in your search for email addresses. Many times
you share the same friends. Use two email addresses. One official
to submit to communities and email catalogs,
and one private you use only for friends.

This is how you save a Bookmark Page if you use Netscape Navigator.
You surf to the Bookmark Page in question. Click on "File",
then on "Save as...", "Save", "Bookmarks", "Edit Bookmarks...",
"File" and then "Import...".
Click on "bookmark", then on "Open". Now you can rearrange the
bookmarks the way you want them.
I recommend that you don't mix your own bookmarks with mine.
I try to upgrade monthly and if you return 2-3 times/year you will
have to do unnecessary rearrangements every time. I recommend the
following arrangement as an example:

Jane Doe's Bookmarks
John Doe's Bookmarks
Anne Doe's Bookmarks
Pete Doe's Bookmarks
Eric Skantze's Bookmarks
Eva Corb's Bookmarks
Adam Merck's Bookmarks
IBM Sale Dept's Bookmarks
Bike Club's Bookmarks

If you find broken links use the following strategy:
Example: is broken.
Still broken. Then try
Still broken. Then try
Still broken. Then try
Give up if you don't find any link. Delete it if no link is found.
Correct it if the right link is found.

Do you use Microsoft Internet Explorer?
One solution is a bookmark converter.
Why not try Magnus Bråding's Bookmark Converter 2.7

If you have a slow connection you can first test
a bookmark page which contains email catalogs.
Email Catalogs

Start importing page 3, then 2 and at last import page 1.

My Bookmark Pages!

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